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Gruga Office Chair Parts

Gruga is an office chair series by Sauders. Gruga office chairs are created for managers, executives and big and tall seats. Nevertheless, after long usage, you may need to replace some parts and finding the right part may require extensive search effort.

But we have a few tricks below that can help shorten the search. If you are looking for Gruga office chair parts, you have several options.

  1. The first thing to check is if the chair is still under warranty. Sauder offers up to 5 year limited warrant for its chairs. And it provides comprehensive customer service with online ordering for replacement parts on their website.

    Even if your chair has past the warranty period, you can still purchase these parts by ordering them online. You will need to provide the chair model or the parts number you wish to replace.

    Finding the right parts number may be a challenge for some (refer to generic office chair parts for more info). If you still have the instruction book (many Gruga chairs are sold self-assembled), you might find the parts number easily there. Delivery is currently available only to US and Canada.

  2. However, for older chair models, the replacement parts may be no longer in stock. The next option is then to look for generic office chair parts. These are manufactured by furniture factories who mostly specialize in office chair parts.

    You may be suprised that after-market chair parts such as arm rests, pneumatic gas lift and the base wheel casters could fit your Gruga chair well. The reason is most office chair parts are designed with standard size for its bolts and nuts.

    Check out our recommendation below and be sure to check the measurements.

  3. If the part you are looking for is one of the unique fabric/leather color or non-serviceable parts, then you may be out of luck.

    We know for some office where same model of chairs are used, you can’t just buy any office chair. Well, you can get a new Gruga chair of the same model too.