Aviso Office Chair Parts

Aviso may be mistaken for a Spanish brand, as ‘aviso’ means ‘notice’ or ‘warning’ in Spanish. Aviso office chairs are now very difficult to find in the market. Hence the replacement parts for these office chairs are scarce.

The most popular models are :

  • Aviso chairs Model 5016s
  • Aviso chairs Model 7246

You can try to replace common parts such as gas lift, lift or tilt mechanism and the star base by using generic brand parts. Our craftsmen at Buy-Office-Chairs.com have worked out common replaceable parts for Aviso chairs below :

If your broken parts are other than the above or some specialized parts, you might be out of luck. From the information that we could gather, Aviso office chairs are now defunct. The best replacement you can find for this office chairs is to get a new one from other brands with similar functions.

If you are ready to move on to a new office chair, checkout our recommendation below :