Broyhill Replacement Parts

Broyhill brand name is no stranger to the furniture industry. However, recently there has been difficulty of finding Broyhill office chair parts.

If you have a broken Broyhill office chair, you may be wondering if it is worth to fix it and whether the chair parts are expensive.

The first thing to do is to check whether the warranty for the your chair is still valid. Broyhill office chairs normally comes with one year standard warranty but some retailers offer extended warranty package. Note that for Broyhill office chairs, the parts that are under warranty are not individually specified but they typically covers the chair frame, upholstery cushions and swivel mechanism. If the warranty is still valid, you should contact the retail shop where you bought the chair. You may need to provide the chair serial number which is located at the bottom of the seat.

If the warranty has expired, is it still worthwhile to repair Broyhill office chairs? If the broken parts are easily replaceable parts such as casters, arm rests or the gas lift, replacing the parts is worth a try. As Broyhill office chairs are normally priced at the higher end, buying a new chair may not be the best option. However if the broken parts are chair frame or upholstery, you may not be able to fix it easily without going to the manufacturer.

Are Broyhill office chair parts difficult to find? Well, not at all. We have a few parts listed here (note some of them may not be original parts from Broyhill) :