Serta Office Chair Parts

Serta is a series of office chair by Staples (not to be confused with Serta, the mattress manufacturer). It features executive office chairs with mid- to high-back and technology such as Puresoft ® faux leather and Back In Motion ™. The price ranges from from $150 to $400.

Your first place to look for a replacement parts is from the Staples – the manufacturer itself. Try contacting their customer service and provide your office chair product name and model number or Staples’ item number. This will quickly identify the parts available for replacement.

In most Serta office chair models, there are padded armrest on both sides. You are likely to be looking for replacement for these parts. There are generic replacement armrest available, as suggested below. However, do take note of the accessories that come with it as some may not come with the screws and you may want to retain the original screws from your chair :

If all else fails, you can try generic office chair parts below. Most generic replacement parts are designed to fit to standard screw size and holes :