Steelcase Replacement Parts

Steelcase is undeniably one of the top brands in office chairs with best seller such as Leap, Think, QiVi and Coalesse. Any office that is serious about improving their productivity would have considered Steelcase office chairs at some point.

Being over 100 years in business, it has sold more office chairs in the industry than most office furniture brands in the market. That also means there are many Steelcase chairs been in use over the years and may need fixing or replacement parts today.

Although Steelcase chairs are quality-built, but each chair has many moveable part which over the years, may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Based on research, below is a guide for you to locate a replacement part for Steelcase office chairs :

  • For chairs bought from authorized dealer, your best bet is to contact them if your chair is still under warranty.
  • For chairs bought from Steelcase online store in 2017, your chair may be covered by a lifetime limited warranty. So you can contact Steelcase for the parts that need replacement.
  • For chairs bought from Steelcase before February 2017, your chair may be covered from 3 years to up to 12 years for certain. See table below :
12 years
Mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, arm caps, foam, casters and glides, wood frame side chairs, tablet arms, personal worksurface, Health recliner components and optional accessories other than internal structure, lounge wood, bent-ply or steel frames.
5 years
Health recliner, sleep and central locking and mechanisms and associated levers and pedals, Health heat and massage units, fabric on footrest, stacking chairs and dollies.
3 years
Exposed wood frames and wood legs, articulating back, carbon fiber chair, lounge tablet.

If all above fails, you can always buy a new Steelcase chair.