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What’s the Chair Scarlett Johansson was Sitting on in Lucy 2014

If you have watched the movie Lucy (2014), you might be wondering what brand or model was that chair Scarlett Johansson was sitting on when she reached 100% brain usage. She looked so comfortable in that chair while coolly travelling across space and time in the ending scene. Here the scene if you haven’t watched it.

That chair is Herman Miller Embody. It was designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber.

According to the designer, Embody was designed to encourage movement so that you will breath in more air. And more air to the brain helps you think better. Herman Miller says the chair is “so intelligent, sitting in it actually helps you think”. No wonder Lucy achieved 100% brain usage in that chair!

We also noticed how the Embody chair was designed to fit the back perfectly to provide the most support. In the movie, you can see how it fits the back like a glove with very little gap between the body and the backrest. And the height of the backrest is at shoulder-level, providing sufficient support but yet does not make the body too laid back and lazy.

Herman Miller Embody

Other than black, the chair is also available in various other colors.

Since the holiday season is around the corner and we think this chair makes a great gift. Well, maybe for your boss or someone who you feel should use his or her brain more 😛