Office Chair Accessories

When setting up your office chair, don’t forget to accessorize. Listed below are a few important accessories to consider.

Office Chair Mats

There are a number of different type mats designed to protect the floor your chair will be resting on. First, determine where you will use your chair — What’s the flooring? Will it need to fit inside a workstation? Are there any space limitations?

Office chair mats come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. The most common sized chairmat is 45″ x 53″. However, you can also find stock sizes ranging from 32″ x 48″ up to 72″ x 96″.

Most floor mats are transparent, so the color of your flooring will show through. Mats for hard surfaces protect your flooring from scratches scuffing from wheel castors and your feet.  Hard surface mats can be used to protect hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum. Chair mats are also available for carpeted areas. These mats have numerous cleats on the bottom that keep the mat in place and prevent it from sliding. The mat itself protects your carpet against excessive wear and scuffing. Chairmats used over padded, plush carpeting need to be more rigid and thicker than those placed on unpadded commercial carpeting or hard floor surfaces.

Chair mats are also designed to meet special requirements, such as anti-fatigue and anti-static. Anti-fatigue mats are appropriate for reception or security staff at office entrances. While anti-static mats are used for electrically sensitive environments to help minimize data loss and damage to your equipment.